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Open Chameleon is an internationally oriented construction business simulation. You as a participant can create and manage your own construction company within a virtual market.
Within Open Chameleon you experience a multiplayer competition with a near infinte number of  competitors who could be from every place in the world. You can build up your company from scratch.
Think of a business strategy and design the organizational structure of your company. Hire other participants in different roles who will assist you or who will work independently within your company - it is your decision. Until now, Open Chameleon offers five different roles (examples of tasks):

  • General Manager (Compete for projects and market leadership.)
  • Accountant (Assist the General Manager in regard of financial issues.)
  • Resource Manager (Administrate the human resources and devices witin the company.)
  • Project Manager (Calculate bids and manage different construction projects.)
  • Controller (Keep an eye on the different projects and coordinate/ communicate.)

The success of your company depends on one hand on the abbilities of your management staff that you hire and on the other hand on your management style. Test out different management styles to lead your company, like:

  • Authoritarian
  • Democratic
  • Bureaucratic 
  • Laissez-faire

You are a more authoritarian leader? Test out the democratic management style and learn from this experience without consequences in real professional life. Or you will experience what happens within a company through a consequent Laissez-faire management style. What is the best mix? Find it out in Open Chameleon!

And do not forget. You are playing with human people. They react unpredictably in certain moments. This is a key advantage of Open Chameleon, unlike other simulations in which you play solely against the computer.

Regardless of that fact the system behind Open Chameleon offers a variety of effects who will influence the success of your virtual company. Let yourself be surprised about the possibilities.