Contribution to this project is highly appreciated and could be in different ways:

  • You are a Programmer (PHP, MySQL)? Contribution as a developer is highly appreciated. Contact us
  • You are familiar with business simulations or games in general, but not able (yet?) to code? Contribute as one of our valued testers. Contact us
  • You would like to transfer Open Chameleon into other languages? Perfect, contribute as a translator, now. Contact us
  • You are convinced that Open Chameleon is worth developing further, but because of different reasons you can not play an active role? Contribute in a very valuable and prominent role: as a Sponsor or a PartnerContact us
  • You are a faculty member and would like to participate in a joint business simulation with other institutions? Register as an institution and we will arrange a joint business simulation. Contact us

Last but not least:

  • You have good ideas for Open Chameleon? Share them with us and contact us.