Open Chameleon is a competency-oriented modular online business simulation.

Based on the current debate concerning the acquisition of skills and competencies in the academic education Christian K. Karl decided to investigate the currently popular business simulations for training purpose in the construction business.

One of the results was that the available business simulations are indeed usefull and functional in regard of generic aspects, but in an overall view they are commonly not flexible enough to serve as comprehensive competency-oriented teaching-/ learning method.
Therefore Mr. Karl began to develop a business simulation that should meet the current demands. Main aim was to build up a modular system, that takes into account the different skills and competencies for a variety of positions within a company which are needed for a successfull career in the construction business.

Based on further studies and works like a development framework for the conceptualization of Competency-Oriented Business Simulations (COBS), a board-based business simulation (Construction-Giant: used in the academic education as well as in the further education of civil engineers and project managers) the first version of Chameleon was developed.

An addition to the first version of Chameleon was realized with funding of the Association for the Promotion of German Science and Humanities (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft) in the support program of the German Academic Exchange Service “Innovationen in der Lehre: die internationale Dimension in der Lehre erfolgreich stärken“). For additional details refere to http://www.chameleonbase.com

Participants of Chameleon are situated in an action/ reaction triangle consisting of market, product and company. These three subsystems are assigned to the competencies that are necessary for different areas of activity within a construction company like construction management, business administration et cetera.

Based on these three elements, it makes sense to structure and to modularize Open Chameleon. This adjusts the complexity in several areas with the following objectives:

  • Multiple participants can be addressed with one Open Chameleon installation (students, young engineers, professionals/managers).
  • The learning progress can be considered during the course.
  • Different backgrounds of participants can be considered.

In that context Chameleon takes further into account the currently existing affinity of students to Web 2.0 applications and social networks.
The Chameleon Project was added as a good practice example to the collection of materials of the project nexus of the German Rectors´ Conference.
But, what does the Open in Open Chameleon mean?
To promote both the development of online business simulations as well as to further the implementation of contemporary business simulations in general, especially in academia, Mr. Karl decided to make the final version of Chameleon available to the public under the GNU GPL license as Open Chameleon.
Thus Open Chameleon is probably one of the first complex online business simulations which is released under this License.
This should trigger a lively exchange of advanced/ extended Open Chameleon versions, which will be cataloged through the official website www.open-chameleon.org.
Currently, we are working on fixing final bugs. After this phase, the first public version of Open Chameleon will be available.
Current developers
Christian K. Karl (Inventor, Designer, Programmer)
Arnim Spengler (Programmer)